The USGA Handicap System™ enables golfers of all skill levels to compete on an equitable basis. GHIN, a USGA service, is the largest handicap service provider in the U.S.  The BDGA, in concert with the NYSGA and the USGA, oversees GHIN for member clubs and individuals of the BDGA.

  The benefits of GHIN are varied, starting with its web-based services.  Scores are posted to a golfer's scoring record instantaneously, and USGA handicap revisions are computed automatically on the 1st and 15th of each posting month.
  Having a GHIN handicap may prove a necessity in many tournaments, since it is a required item to get into many local, regional, state or national events.   Golfers can post scores at their club, at other GHIN facilities, on the internet, or using apps for mobile devices.  Also, a golfer can obtain all his handicap information through these same sites.​  Mobile apps for imac and android can be easily obtained from the iMac store, or the GoogleApps store online, downloaded quickly and used automatically.  Posting of, and retrieval of handicaps has never been easier. Some clubs have not changed over to the GHIN system. 

  What are members of clubs that are not part of the GHIN service to do if they want to play in events that require a GHIN handicap, or those that just would like to have a GHIN handicap to do?  Well the answer if simple.  The BDGA/NYSGA/USGA organizations provide an online service, call e-Club of WNY.  All an individual needs to do is to join that GHIN provider network for a small fee.  Post your scores and what do you know... A GHIN handicap.  Just go to the Need a GHIN Handicap space on this page and it will take you to the proper site.

  A portion of all proceeds from GHIN stay in the BDGA/NYSGA Associations, and go to providing better services and more playing opportunities for our members, as well as providing other services such as free course ratings for all our courses.

Using a Course Rating™

Every golf course receives both a USGA Course Rating™ and USGA Slope Rating® for each set of tees that is rated. The rating established for the scratch golfer is known as the Course Rating. There is also a rating for the bogey player known as the Bogey Rating™ . This Bogey Rating is not normally published but is used to determine a Slope Rating. The Slope Rating is an evaluation of the relative difficulty of a course for players other than scratch. The USGA Course and Slope ratings are then calculated and certified by the authorized golf associations before they are issued to the club. These ratings are vital in calculating a person's handicap for that particular course (Course Handicap).