While the competitors and the course certainly are the focal points, the true heroes of the events that are annually conducted by the Buffalo District Golf Association and the other associations around the country are the thousands of volunteers who provide a variety of essential services, both inside and outside the ropes.

Volunteering at golf competitions provides a remarkable opportunity to see a great golf course, meet other volunteers who are passionate about the game, and above all, watch and learn from some of the most talented players in the world.  Many people volunteer at events happening near them, and many more travel around the country to help out at different tournaments and to see new golf courses. 

​Whether it is working at the registration table, scoring at the end of an event, working on the course as a forecaddie or marker, transporting junior players to and from the weekly Inter Club matches, or helping rate or re-rate our golf courses, volunteers are a vital part of the BDGA.

At the present time we are looking for individuals interested in doing any and all of the above.  Please contact our office at 716.632.0151.  Or email us at rydzam@buffdga.org.